The Artboard Creative

A few days ago, two friends and I revealed that we are starting a project that we call The Artboard Creative. The overall idea of the project is to do design work (branding, web, print collateral) and photographic needs for nonprofit organizations, startups, and other businesses that might not have the capital or means to have such work done otherwise.  

Alongside that aspect, we are aiming to do two more things with The Artboard Creative. The first being that once every quarter (4 months or so) we will be creating and selling our work (outside of that done for any of the above) and donating the proceeds to a charity of our choosing. 

Secondly, we would like to work with college students close to graduation studying both Graphic Design or Photography at the various schools in the Pittsburgh Area and get them a chance to not only get experience working with clients but to have some volunteer work as well.  

We are excited to start this adventure and hopefully, will do some real good.